Utah Fishing Adventure
September 20, 2016 BeerFamily 2

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I recently spent an entire week fishing in Utah, living in a motorhome with four people, three dogs, and no cell service.

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This adventure was all about the fish and quality family time. But who fishes without beer??? Not me… Seriously, I can not remember the last time I wet a line without crackin a cold one. Some might say “It sounds like you have a problem” Nah! I think it is more of a solution than a problem. ☺ I once saw a billboard that said, ”Camping without beer is just sleeping outside” I guess I feel similarly about fishing.

Sitting in a folding chair with million dollar lakeside views, ice cold beer in hand, waiting on the fish to bite. Sounds like heaven doesn’t it? Agreed.2016-06-16 16.44.30

The great state of Utah is home to some wonderful beer, truly world class, but the alcohol laws are tricky. The struggle begins when you are looking to buy beers above 4% abv (3.8% alcohol by weight). If you are looking to drink something that will put some hair on your chest you will need to plan ahead. State liquor stores and brewery restaurants are where you want to hunt for these beers. This requires some planning, especially on a fishing trip. The local bait shop will only sell you the 4% brews. The good news is that Utah makes some of the best session beers. Poligamy Porter and Cut Thoat Pale Ale are two of my favorite hot day fishing beers… an added plus for being named after some of Utah’s local flare. They are also very easy to find.

I raise a glass to big trout, fresh air, and multiple wives!

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