Out With The Old Table, In With TV Trays
May 14, 2017 Home Economist 4
Craigslist Dining Table

The time had come for our ten-year-old, square shaped, high top dining table to go. I have decided to build a new table from scratch (I should say attempt to build). I would like to build it with my own two hands and lots of cool tools. Cool tools that total up to cost more than three store bought tables combined! I will keep you updated on the status of this legendary, dream table.

Craigslist Dining Table For Sale
Actual Craigslist photo
TV Tray Dining Table
Updated dining table arrangement

The “out with the old and in with the new” routine usually goes like this; some new item will enter our lives (whether hand made or store bought) then the old item heads to the garage where it sits for months until I finally hurriedly sell it on Craigslist. This ends with a garage full of junk and us getting the short end of hasty craigslist deals.

My goal for this table upgrade was to create a new story… one where the garage stays less full (albeit still very messy) and the old table is long gone before the new one is ready to be put to use.

So I moved all of the piles of old mail and my wine-guzzling rooster off of the table, gave it a good wipe down with wood polish, and it was ready for its photo shoot. Aside from a few scratches and discolorations from someone not using a coaster (ok it was me), the old table looked pretty sharp. No one would have guessed its age or that it had been moved to four different houses.

We posted it for $150.00, which was about $100 less than we bought it for. I have tangled quite a bit on Craigslist over the years and have had a lot of success (patting my own back here). I have learned furniture items along with electronics tend to bring an above average amount of flakey and strange folks. This was no exception but I enjoy the process. Sure enough, I sold the table in one week for the asking price, and to a very satisfied buyer.

TV Tray Dining Table
Hank and Darla like dad’s style

Success! Table is gone, garage is in stable condition, and now I’ve got a little extra cash for my next project. The downside here is my Untrained Life headquarters is made up of a folding chair and two TV trays. I kinda like it, I feel like having less stuff is liberating. Less is more you know! Debi has reminded me more than a couple times that the TV tray dining area is TEMPORARY. So as the saying goes “Happy Wife, Happy Life” I’d better start designing our new table.

TV Tray Desk
Wine guzzling chicken got to stay

Would your spouse be happy with a TV tray dining table?

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4 comments on “Out With The Old Table, In With TV Trays

  1. So enjoyed this post!! Looking forward to seeing the new table. Sounds like you should start pretty soon? Lol. Can’t imagine not having a table

  2. Oh my lord! This is awesome. We do what we gotta do and you are doing it swimmingly! So impressed my this blog of yours and wow! Writing is your strong suit. Definitely pat yourself on the back!!

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