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Wild Sourdough Bread: How To Make Your Own
Wild Sourdough Bread

I have been sharpening my Dad skills in the kitchen lately, attempting to make things from scratch. One of my favorite discoveries has been wild sourdough bread. By popular demand of many family and friends, here is the story of my journey into the world of Wild Sourdough Bread…recipe included!

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Every Donkey Needs a Carrot to Exercise – Earn Your Beer Challenge
Exercise Earn Your Beer Challenge

We know exercise is important. Not only does regular exercise make you feel better, it can also help you live longer. Some things in life are so simple to understand yet difficult to actually do. As one wise author wrote…

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Stay At Home Dad – One Year Review
Daughter and Tractor

March 15th marks my one-year anniversary as a Stay At Home Dad. The past year has literally flown by at a time traveling pace. After reflecting, I figured I would share a few things I have learned over the past 12 months.

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Grow Your Own Food: How To Decide What To Grow In Your Garden
Grow Your Own Food

I have fond childhood memories of playing outside on a hot summer day, walking barefoot out to the garden to pick and eat cherry tomatoes fresh off the vine. The experience of that taste is still vivid in my mind, warm and sweet… perfect little treats.

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