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Stay At Home Dad – One Year Review
Daughter and Tractor

March 15th marks my one-year anniversary as a Stay At Home Dad. The past year has literally flown by at a time traveling pace. After reflecting, I figured I would share a few things I have learned over the past 12 months.

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How Friends the TV Show Saved the Day

As a Friends fan from way back, I thought I’d share how the TV show helped us out in the early newborn days.

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Story of Hank the Coonhound

“That’s a weird looking Beagle” is something we often hear when we’re walking our dog Hank.

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Welcome to the party! Thank you for taking your valuable time to stop by. Please grab a drink out of the fridge and relax while I do my best to entertain.

I am one heck of a lucky guy. I have a beautiful loving wife, an adorable daughter, a needy coonhound, and more great friends than I deserve. I have been struck with the lucky ability to opt-out of punching a time clock and instead take on the wonderful job of caring for my daughter. So on this small piece of “Internet Real Estate” I will shed some light on my family’s little world.

So now that you have your drink, sit back and enjoy thumbing through the pages of our Untrained Life.

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Nine Months of Anticipation…Full-Time Sober Driver Included




Nine Months of Anticipation…Full-Time Sober Driver Included.

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Utah Fishing Adventure

2016-06-16 07.30.03

I recently spent an entire week fishing in Utah, living in a motorhome with four people, three dogs, and no cell service.

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